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  • How much will it cost to hire a grab lorry?
    There are a number of variables which will determine the cost: Firstly the location of the site; secondly the type of material or waste; and finally the amount of material/aggregate/waste that you would like delivered/removed. For us to provide you with an accurate and competitve price, you can fill out our quotation form, or contact us by email or phone.
  • What quantity of waste or materials can a Grab Lorry carry?
    Our Grab Hire vehicles can carry up to 17 tons of waste or Aggregates each. See our Lorry Dimensions page for a detailed overview of the size and capacity of our lorries.
  • Space is tight, will the Grab Lorry fit?"
    Our Grab Lorries are approximately 3 Metres wide, however, we would always recommend that our customers have at least and additional 25cm clearance either side to ensure the safety of any surrounding infrastructure. See our lorry dimensions page for a detailed overview of the measurements of our vehicles.
  • How much headroom does a Grab Lorry need?
    The minimum headroom for a Grab Lorry to pass underneath is 4 Metres (13ft). however we will require at least an additional 2 Metres (6ft 5in) to operate the hiab crane. Always remember to consider overhead power lines and cables when considering accessibility. Our Lorry Dimensions page will give you a detailed overview of the size and capacity of our vehicles.
  • Can a Grab Lorry load over a fence or Wall?
    Yes they can. This is one of the many benefits of hiring our Grab Lorries for the removal of waste and delivery of materials. As long as our drivers are able to position the vehicle alongside the obstacle, and are able to see the material to be loaded from the control platform behind the cab, we can deliver and collect from a number of hard to reach places.
  • How long will it take for the operator to load/unload the lorry?
    Dependent on the size of the load and if the waste material is heaped in a single, easily accessible pile, it will take in the region of 20 minutes.
  • Where should I put the waste material that I would like to be collected?
    The safety of our customers and our drivers is always paramount to us. When deciding where to heap the waste material, be sure to check that there are no overhead obstructions in the immediate vicinity such as; Power Lines Telephone Cables Tree Branches In addition to this, ensure that the driver is able to pull directly alongside, parallel to the material that is to be collected. If you are having waste collected or materials delivered to your driveway, we would always recommend that you lay some wooden boards down to prevent any damage and keep the area clean.
  • How much notice do you need?
    Our reputation has been built on the speed and qulity of our service and where possible we always strive to provide our service to you within 24 hours of your enquiry.
  • Can you give me an exact time that the Grab Lorry will arrive?
    Whilst we always try and accomodate time requests where possible, the very nature of haulage and waste disposal means that it is not always possible to accomodate specific time requests. Rest assured, we will always try and get to you as soon as we can but always recommend that you order materials or waste removal in plenty of time if you are working to a tight deadline.
  • Do you operate in my area?
    STS operate a Grab Hire service across Kent, London and Essex and for larger construction projects also cover Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. To see a comprehensive list if areas that we cover please visit our Areas Covered page or Contact Us for more information.
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